Kitchen Technicians

Job Description

Perform repairs and maintenance duties on a wide variety of kitchen and refrigeration equipment such as freezers, industrial-sized steam cookers, refrigerators, ice machines, washers, ovens, dryers, dishwashers, water coolers, coffee machines etc.

Carry out periodic inspection, cleaning, and equipment servicing

Carry out installation of new equipment; perform repairs on leaks; ensure settings o wiring controls; change equipment parts that have become old or defective

Attend quickly to emergency call on equipment repair issues, as well as to after work hour calls

Perform other duties the supervisor may assign.

Knowledge of various types of kitchens and refrigeration equipment work

Knowledge on Kitchen duct cleaning and its procedures.

Ability to work independently without direct supervision and take responsibility for the repair of assigned equipment

Repair and maintenance experience in the commercial kitchen or retail stores

Strong knowledge of plumbing repair and installation practice and procedure

Strong knowledge of basic electrical practice, theory, and safety

Attend shift working when required


2-3 years in FM Industry preferable in retail in UAE