YAEMCO LLC is a leading technology-driven smart facilities service provider offering complete Integrated Facilities Management solutions in the UAE. Established in 1997, our expertise has grown eventually into a Total Asset Management company by providing bespoke solutions that create values and support our clients to meet their business goals. YAEMCO has diversified its client portfolio from master developments through to residential, industrial, and commercial developments in standalone and community projects.


YAEMCO operates from Its offices in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and manages more than 12,000 units across various properties in the UAE through different sectors. YAEMCO has extended its services across the Middle east and India on a vision to establish facility services best practices to various cultures. We are accredited with highest standards of ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 to ensure quality and are constantly reviewed.

YAEMCO provides cost effective solutions in facilities services through continuous commitments. We incorporate technology for successful delivery of facilities services and is currently promoting innovations that connects people with the places of living. YAEMCO is also keen to be a part to the UAE's vision for the sustainability and in contributing to Dubai's futuristic plans. We firmly believe in teamwork and are committed to diligent development of our people by providing better place to work and grow.